5 Road Trip Destinations You Must Visit

Linda Farome

5 Road Trip Destinations You Must Visit

Did you know that traveling somewhere new (or comforting) can improve your mental health and help you feel calm?

Traffic and unknown areas might be intimidating, but if you’re ready to make the drive, you can experience something exciting. Road trips are great for visiting more than one location and enjoying the trip every step of the way. When you take long drives, you don’t have to stress about feeling stuck somewhere.

If you’re not sure where you want to travel, take a look at some of the best road trip destinations below!

1. Mackinaw City

One of the top road trip destinations is found at the edge of the country in northern Michigan.

Mackinaw City is the final point of the lower peninsula of Michigan and it’s surrounded by beautiful lakes. On your way to the city, you can stop by Traverse City, another popular destination that’s hilly and on the water. To make the most of your road trip travel up north, don’t miss the ferry that will take you to Mackinac Island, where you won’t find any vehicles!

2. Hershey

If you want road trip ideas that the entire family will enjoy, Hershey is a great place to drive to.

Hershey, PA is a desirable spot for families because there are sweets, treats, and rides! There’s plenty to do in Hershey between eating bites of chocolate bars and taking in breaths of fresh air. While many other attractions are in overcrowded cities, you won’t have to stress about overcrowding.

3. Smoky Mountains

Do you know what Dolly Parton, mountains, and moonshine have in common?

All of these things can be found in the Smoky Mountains. Aside from being popular attractions, there are other cities to appreciate nearby. North Carolina and West Virginia are picturesque states to drive through once you find your road trip location.

The Great Smoky Mountains have high peaks, especially if you head towards Ashville. Since the range is so old though, the drive isn’t as intimidating as it is in the Rocky Mountains.

4. Aspen

Traveling with a recreational vehicle can be a challenge if roads are narrow and you’re in a big vehicle.

If you don’t want to have to worry about how to get to Aspen, you should check out Leisureland RV. You can get a comfortable trailer that’s perfect for the snowy terrain and whatever equipment you need to carry. Your trip to and from Aspen will be enjoyable, especially if you stop at the small towns along the way.

5. The Grand Canyon

So long as you aren’t afraid of the heat and sand, The Grand Canyon can be a wonderful road trip destination.

You can take Route 66 through Eastern New Mexico to make your way to The Grand Canyon. This spectacular destination spans more than 270 miles, so there are endless paths to discover.

Drive Toward These Road Trip Destinations

You don’t need to have every minute planned for a vacation, but it helps to have a few road trip destinations in mind.

If you want to take time away from home or work, a road trip can be a great escape. Whether you head up north, to the mountains or desert, you will find somewhere worth visiting. Check out our blog if you want more tips about road trips and RV travel

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