How To Select Right Toilet-Seat For Handicapped people?

As per research, many people suffer from physical disability conditions. These people may need special care to access basic utilities like a bathroom. You need to look around for toilet seats with support or handles. The seat you select should be comfortable and safe to access.

If the toilet seat is comfortable, handicapped individuals can safely navigate the bathroom on their own. If the toilet seat is safe, the chances of toilet space accidents are also minimal. You can search for the best handicapped toilet seat online.

Why Handicapped Person Toilet Seat?

People who are physically handicapped, may not be able to access normal toilet seats. They need proper support when sitting on the toilet set. If you look around for raised toilet seat, then you have the benefit as the toilet seat is provided with a handle. The seat is also designed such that it will fit tightly on top of any normal toilet seat.

The position of the toilet seat is much higher as compared to the normal toilet seat. This is a big difference that you get notice when using such toilet seats. If you are handicapped then low seating might be an issue for you. The toilet seat is safe to use by anyone.

Who Can Access Such Toilet Seats?

  • If you have leg-related issues then you can benefit from this type of toilet seat
  • People having fatigue issues can also use such toilet seats
  • If you had an accident in the recent time then you should use this toilet seat

You can search for toilet seats with handles if you suffer from any such conditions. You can also look around for such toilet seats if you are a senior citizen. You can purchase the best toilet seat after you have consulted an expert physician.

Advantages of Using This Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are used for performing one of the most important activities of daily routine. The toilet seat is designed to be comfortable and safe. The seat can easily be placed on top of the normal toilet seat, so it is easy to access.

The seat can be fitted on top of any toilet jar so it is multiple functional. The toilet seat is the right option for any person who has difficulty accessing a normal toilet. There is no need to look around for a custom-designed toilet stool if you are using this toilet seat.

How to Purchase the Best Toilet Seat

When you begin to look around for the best toilet seat for handicapped individuals, you come across multiple choices. Before you buy one, it is important to focus on the convenience and comfort factors. You need to determine if the seat you selected is best for you.


If you need to select the best toilet seat, then the design is always the first choice you need to consider. The seat should have a raised design so you can access it with convenience. You can also look around for a toilet seat that has adjustable legs.

In case the seat will be accessed by more than one individual then the height should be adjustable type. You can also look around for hydraulic press model types in the market. You have to press this toilet seat if you want to use it.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a normal toilet seat in the market would be around 200 to 300 pounds. This factor may also be different from one brand to another. Just because you are having health issues, it does not mean you have to compromise on the weight factor.

You should always look around for toilet seats that can hold maximum weight. You can purchase toilet seats from the market that can hold a maximum of 500 pounds. You can search for the best handicapped toilet seat that can at least hold your body weight.

Height Factor

If you are looking around for a standard toilet seat for a handicapped person, it may vary from 4 to 6 inches. If you are a senior citizen, then you should invest time in searching for more options. When it comes to height selection, you always have many choices.

You can look around for raised toilet seats in the local market that makes you feel more comfortable. It is always best to test the height first before you can purchase. 


Toilet seats should always be portable. It becomes easy for anyone to shift the toilet seat to any location. When purchasing toilet seats for disabled people, you need to keep portability in mind. It is best to look around for toilet seats with handles that are also portable.

The seat can be plastic-made with cushioned padding. You should also be able to fold the seat and carry it with you to any location. This is an ideal option for individuals who travel a lot from one location to another. To access the toilet seat you just need to install it on any toilet.

Extra Height

You may need a toilet seat that can be adjusted to two or three different height levels. These types of toilet seats may have an extra layer of legs that can easily be accessed. The seat can be placed on all types of toilet jars.

The height of the seat can be adjusted if you need extra height. If the seat is easy to fold then it can also be kept inside the bathroom in one corner. Extra height does not mean that you may not be able to adjust the height of the seat.


This is also one important factor you should consider when buying toilet seats for physically handicapped persons. You can look around for elongated toilet seats. These types are more like standard seats. You can look around for one that has a support armrest.

In the present market, you can look around for seats with good hinges. These types are easy to open and close. You can look around for round toilet seats as well. Seat padding quality is also an essential factor. It is important to focus on all the above factors before you make your choice. Always be sure you have the exact measurement of the toilet seat you need. This makes it easy for you to make your choice.

The toilet seat that you purchase should match perfectly with the normal toilet seat where it will be placed. The toilet seat should have a perfect grip so it does not slip when being used.

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