Why Does My Makeup Look Oily After a Few Hours? Quick Fixes

Dee Stevenson

why does my makeup look oily after a few hours

Having your makeup turn shiny and oily during the day can be incredibly frustrating. No matter how flawless your makeup looks after initial application, it can quickly end up looking greasy and melting off. Understanding the root causes of oily makeup and learning how to troubleshoot it can help you make your glam last longer.

Oily-looking makeup is a common issue many people face. Here are some potential reasons your makeup may end up looking shiny and slick throughout the day:

Key Reasons for Oily Makeup Appearance

  • Skin type – Those with naturally oily skin tend to get shinier faster. The oil from your skin can break through and mix with makeup.
  • Primer issues – Not properly priming or using the wrong primer for your skin type can lead to makeup slipping and moving around.
  • Too many products – Layering on too many creams and products can lead to an overly dewy look. Stick to lighter coverage.
  • Application mistakes – Applying makeup too heavily, using the wrong formulas, or not setting makeup with powder can cause oiliness.
  • Environment – Heat, humidity, and sweat throughout the day can all lead to makeup breaking down faster.
  • Skincare routine – If you aren’t properly cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating, it can affect how makeup sits on your skin.

Tips to Make Makeup Last Longer

Here are some handy tips to help combat oily makeup and make it last longer:

  • Choose oil-free, matte formulas made for oily skin types. Avoid dewy, luminous finishes.
  • Apply a mattifying primer before foundation to control excess oil.
  • Set liquid makeup with a translucent mattifying powder. Brush it on oily areas during the day.
  • Use oil-blotting sheets to remove excess shine as needed throughout the day.
  • Avoid going overboard with too many layered creams and products.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize skin properly to create a smooth base for makeup.
  • Touch up makeup and blot oil after a few hours to refresh your look.
  • Make sure to properly remove all makeup at the end of the day to prevent clogged pores.

Following makeup application tips for oily skin and using the right formulas can help keep your makeup looking fresh for longer! Be sure to tailor your routine to your skin’s needs.

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