Common Sewer and Drain Problems and How to Avoid Them

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Common Sewer and Drain Problems and How to Avoid Them

Ever experienced a stubborn clog in your sewer and drain? It’s not a pleasant situation to deal with, right?

Our homes need clear drains to function properly and when they don’t, things can get messy. This article guides you through common sewer and drain problems and how to avoid them.

By understanding these issues, you’ll save time, and money, and avoid unnecessary headaches. Let’s dive into the world of sewer and drain maintenance. It’s simpler than you might think!


Clogs are the most common plumbing issues. They happen when things that shouldn’t be there, like hair, grease, or coffee grounds, build up in your pipes. Over time, this buildup can block the flow of water, causing a clog.

Cleaning clogs is easier if you catch them early. You can often clear a starting clog by using a plunger or a hand auger. For tougher clogs, you might need a professional plumber’s help. Keep an eye on your drains and act quickly if you notice that water is draining slower than usual.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots are like detectives. They can sense the water and nutrients in sewer pipes and often grow towards them. When they find a tiny crack or hole in a pipe, they sneak in, causing what we call tree root infiltration.

Once inside, tree roots spread out and grow, blocking the pipe. This can cause serious problems, like backups or even pipe damage. If this happens, you’ll need a professional plumber to remove the roots and fix the damage.

Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion is another common issue that can cause problems in our sewer and drain systems. Corrosion happens when pipes wear out over time. Rusty pipes are more likely to have leaks and can even break, which can lead to big problems if not dealt with in time.

To avoid pipe corrosion, it’s good to have your pipes checked regularly by a professional plumber. They can spot early signs of corrosion and suggest the best ways to deal with it. Remember, it’s always easier to fix a small problem before it becomes a big one!

Sewer Line Bellies

Sewer line bellies are another problem that can occur in our sewer systems. Bellies happen when the ground beneath the sewer line sinks or settles, creating a low point in the pipe.

Over time, soil shifting or settling can create low points in the sewer line, hindering proper wastewater flow. Luckily, these services clear them, ensuring optimal sewer performance and preventing potential backups.

Leaking Joints

Leaking joints are where two pipes connect in your sewer and drain system. Over time, these joints can loosen or crack, causing leaks. This can lead to water waste, higher utility bills, and even property damage.

If you notice a wet spot in your yard or hear water running when no fixtures are in use, you might have a leaking joint. Always call drainage solutions for help in such cases. They have the equipment and knowledge to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Kick the Sewer and Drain Strain

Keeping your sewer and drain systems in good shape isn’t complicated, especially with professional help. Regular checks, prevention, and quick action on sewer and drain issues can save you from major headaches down the road.

Remember, a healthy sewer and drain system makes a happy home. So, let’s keep the water flowing and kick the sewer and drain strain together! Did you learn something new from this article? If so, be sure to check out our blog for more educational content.

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